euretina innovation awards 2015
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Applications Open

1362 days left until submission deadline
  • clockMonday 29 June 2015 (GMT)
    Closing date for completed applications.
  • clockFriday 14 August 2015
    Shortlisted Candidates to be notified.
  • clock Friday 18 September 2015
    Innovation Award Ceremony at the 15th EURETINA Congress, Nice.

Previous Winners

2014 Innovation Award:

first prize 1st Prize Winner: Marc de Smet - London 2014  
first prize 2nd Prize Winner: Robert MacLaren - London 2014  

2013 Innovation Award:

first prize 1st Prize winner, Dr. Sonja Kleinlogel - Hamburg 2013  

1st place: Dr. Sonja Kleinlogel, University of Bern, received the highest score from the Panel for her innovation on a novel optogenetic tool (Mela-mGluR6) custom designed for retinal ON-bipolar cells designed to provide replacement light sensors for patients with retinal degeneration. The innovation received a very high score for "inventiveness", reaching a perfect 5 out of 5 from four of the six judges. It is understood that Dr. Kleinlogel and colleagues have founded a start-up company, "Haag-Streit-Medtech HSM", to which a license covering the technology has been provided by the University of Bern. According to Dr.Kleinlogel, estimated sales for an RP market are understood to exceed €2 billion and the company plans to license the opportunity to a large pharmaceutical company following Phase I/II studies.

first prize 2nd Prize winner, Dr Deniz Dalkara - Hamburg 2013  

2nd place: Dr Deniz Dalkara of the Institut de la Vision, Paris for her innovation to develop gene delivery vectors than can target genes to photoreceptor cells without the need of sub-retinal surgery. Dr. Dalkara and her team genetically engineered the commonly used AAV vector in a directed evolution process to iteratively enrich for AAV variants successful in reaching the outer retina from the vitreous. The impact of Dr. Dalkara's innovation may be significant in reducing the costs and efficiency of ocular gene therapy strategies in the coming years. Through UC Berkeley the innovation has already attracted significant industry interest with manufacturing and trial studies already well underway.

2012 Innovation Award:

1st Prize of €20,000 Diego Ruiz Casas Spain Hospital Universitario Ramón y Cajal, Madrid Intraocular magnetic nanoparticles directed by a magnetic explant for vitreoretinal surgery

2nd Prize of €10,000: N. Pasyechnikova Ukraine Filatov Institute, Odessa The application of high-frequency electro-welding (EWBT) in ophthalmology

2011 Innovation Award:

  • first prize 1st Prize winner, Prof Martin Rudolf - London 2011   
    1st Prize winner 2011: The winner of the inaugural EURETINA Innovation Award was Prof Martin Rudolf of the University of Lübeck in Germany who received a cheque for €20,000 for his work on novel drug candidates for the prevention and treatment of AMD by reducing pathological lipid deposition and inflammation in the eye.
  • second prize 2nd Prize winner: Prof Eberhart Zrenner - London 2011   
    2nd Prize winner 2011: Second prize and a cheque for €10,000 was awarded to Prof Eberhart Zrenner of the University of Tübingen, Germany, for his research demonstrating how subretinal electronic implants can restore basic visual function in blind retinitis pigmentosa patients.